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Project: Classic Legacy - Subiesport TV

Project: Classic Legacy

Readers of the magazine had to know it was only a matter of time before we picked up our first project car.  In the original magazine Ryan built up a 2005 2.5RS into the “Zero to Hero” track master, pumped up a 2007 Legacy GT into an unstoppable force of nature (with something like 300hp at the wheels, which was pretty impressive at the time), and Travis did some really naughty things to a first-gen Impreza wagon. We’re just going to ignore the SEMA Legacy project. That one didn’t end well, and we’re wiser for it.

Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve acquired our first new project car in 5 years, and it’s probably not what you expected. This bad-boy is a completely stock 1991 Legacy sedan “Craigslist Special” with 250,000 miles on a worn-out 2.2-liter N/A engine. It’s also silver, just like every other car Ryan has built. On the upside, it’s a sedan and it has what appears to be a decent 5-speed manual.

It may not be much to look at, but don’t worry, it’s not going to stay stock for long, Ryan has big plans. So stay tuned and see what happens. New episodes of Subiesport kick off with the Rally School episode once Launch Control wraps its full season at the end of October (13 episodes.)



  1. logan noel says:

    That’s a 90-91 not a 92-94

  2. Nathan555 says:

    I have a JDM Series 1 Legacy RS turbo in white for sale only 34.000 kms completely original and rust,/corrosion free . A perfect project car base if you guys know of anyone car is in the UK ?

  3. Michael says:

    This looks like a handsome project car, but being about 22 years old means there will be plenty of work involved just restoring it to good running order. Unless I miss my guess Ryan has something like that Australian RS Turbo Liberty in mind, which was a magnificent machine, and bringing it up to something like that standard should make for a fascinating story. All the best.

  4. Oldscoobyturbo says:

    I have a 90 Legacy RS Type RA these cars are great always nice to see them getting restored

  5. Me S. says:

    I think it’s a great candidate for an SS Legacy, since all the parts are pretty much accessible here in the states. Good Luck with the project guys!!

  6. Caden says:

    Is there a status update on this project yet?

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