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About Subiesport - Subiesport TV

About Subiesport

subiesport_rally_iphone1The Magazine Re-Imagined… as a TV Show

Subiesport Magazine was one of the largest independent enthusiast magazines in the world. Now, the magazine is back as an all-new series of documentary features produced for TV, web and mobile devices.

Seriously, a Series About Subarus?

This series isn’t just about Subarus – in fact, the cars are only part of the experience. The stories are much bigger than that. It’s about people, places and the experience of being an automotive enthusiast. Subarus are the thread that ties all the episodes together. Kind of like Rod Serling in The Twilight Zone. Yes, Subarus are our Rod Serling. (Think about it for a moment, it really does make sense.)

How’s It Work?

You can watch the current episode here at Subiesport.tv with a free site Membership. We have to limit access because the series is also being sold into broadcast markets worldwide. Making it viewable to Members allows us to offer it for free, without causing any issues with our broadcast partners. Older episodes are available with a paid site Membership. Why not free? This is an independent show and we have to pay for the production somehow. And that leads us to the next point…

Who’s Behind This?

Though we are very pleased to have Subaru of America as a sponsor (one of many sponsors) for the series, they aren’t involved with the production of the content. Nor is this a production of a large studio – because, really, a show about Subarus?! That’s crazy talk.¬†Subiesport is made by MediaSpigot LLC, an independent production company based out of Seattle, Washington. This is the same company that created the original magazine back in 2004 – so, yeah, we just moved into TV after getting out of magazines in 2009. MediaSpigot also produces¬†Driving Sports TV, a general-interest motoring show, in addition to providing production services for various corporate clients.

Where Else Can I Watch?

We’re just getting started, but currently you can watch full episodes of Subiesport on these platforms:

  • TACH-TV, Florida-based broadcast station
  • Subiesport TV, streaming, digital downloads
  • Chill.com, commercial-free digital downloads

We also produce a number of web shorts, viewable at these locations: