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Announcing Subiesport TV - Subiesport TV

Announcing Subiesport TV

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON, June 18, 2012 — MediaSpigot LLC announced the re-launch of Subiesport Magazine as multi-platform television series making its debut this Fall. The reborn Subiesport will contain magazine-style video content and follow a traditional print publication schedule. To help fund this innovative new show, MediaSpigot is holding a pledge drive at the series’ official web site, http://www.subiesport.tv.

Launched in 2004 as a print publication, Subiesport began with a similar fundraising campaign. Due to its enthusiastic base of readers, the magazine rose quickly to become the world’s largest independent Subaru enthusiast magazine with 70,000 readers in 68 countries worldwide.

“Subaru owners are uniquely passionate about their vehicles and they demand nothing short of the best. Like the magazine before it, with Subiesport TV we aim to deliver a show that is nothing less than the best car show around that will be enjoyable by enthusiasts of all makes and models.” Said Ryan Douthit, founder of Subiesport Magazine, producer of the new series and himself an owner of six Subarus. “That isn’t going to be cheap.”

“Subiesport TV’s combination of broadcast quality production, instant online distribution and magazine-style content makes Subiesport TV a truly groundbreaking series,” Douthit continued. “Subiesport TV is taking print magazines to a place they’ve always wanted to go… they just didn’t know it. And, thanks to the proliferation of mobile video devices like the iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and phones, distribution of a hybrid series like this is no longer a problem. I firmly believe that within five years, many magazines will transition to a similar format.”

When the first episode makes its debut, viewers will have the opportunity to watch the full-length show online for free at several online destinations including Blip.tv, Blinkx and YouTube. For a premium, commercial-free viewing experience, viewers can also become a member of the show’s official site, http://www.subiesport.tv. The new series will be represented by John McLean Media to international broadcast markets.

About MediaSpigot LLC Founded in 1996 as a web development and design business, MediaSpigot LLC found early success in technology and automotive specialty publications — both in print and online. In 2008 it produced the first live-streaming coverage of the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally, a milestone of live streaming motorsport coverage. Beginning in 2011 the company focused on television with its first 13-episode broadcast season of Driving Sports TV, a series that will be complete in Summer of 2012.

Contact: Ryan Douthit, 425-458-4949, ryan@mediaspigot.com


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