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Subaru Contest for WRX/STI/BRZ Owners! - Subiesport TV

Subaru Contest for WRX/STI/BRZ Owners!

Honesty, I can’t believe this is actually happening. For the company that for years avoided showing any extreme driving in their commercials (yes, they even avoided showing rally), this is a huge jump (pun not intended.)

DoubleURXXX Productions (*cough* a renegade marketing wing of Subaru *cough*) has partnered with Bucky Lasek on something only for WRX, STI and BRZ owners where they are asking owners to “show your driving chops.” (I’ve confirmed with Subaru corporate and yes, this is official and totally legit. And yes, you will need a WRX/STI/BRZ VIN to enter…sorry Legacy GT owners.)

Let this sink in for a moment.

The company that, only a few years ago, used what was clearly a computer-generated WRX to promote a new vehicle because “that was how it would get past legal” is now asking owners of their performance cars to upload videos showing “driving chops.” When I checked with the source, there was a very long pause after they used those words. I had to confirm that was what they said.

Possibly years of involvement with X Games has finally swayed them, or maybe Bucky hosted an all-rager at Lasek Land for the legal team. However it came about, it seems they are finally embracing their wild side. Finally.

Speaking of Bucky, here’s where he is officially involved: apparently he picks the winners (with one extra being a tuner’s choice award, picked by popular vote) who will then join him in a special secret “DoubleURXXX” production. All expenses paid. I’m guessing the new 2015 WRX will be involved… somehow, but I wasn’t able to get any more details out of the powers that be.

This is why I’m posting about it: It’s awesome and I want this to be successful, and the early signs indicate it will be. But I’d love to see a massive response from owners. Why? From Subiesport Magazine to Driving Sports, Subiesport TV and Launch Control, I’ve worked with the Subaru team for almost a decade and this is the coolest thing they’ve attempted so far. I’m sure people their had to fight tooth and nail to make this possible for us. Plus, dude, hanging out with Bucky for an all-expense paid trip…somewhere? Yeah, that’s not bad either.

Legal did manage to rubber stamp some restrictions, like you have to 18 or older and a resident of the US. You can read all the details at the page for the production company they set up for this gig: http://www.doubleurxxxproductions.com. You’ll also need to enter the VIN of your car to qualify and enter the site.

Their mission statement video alone is worth the trip.

Good luck! Can’t wait to see who will be the lucky owners to make the cut on this one. You only have until November 11, 2013.

Check it out: http://www.vingotmein.com



  1. Dawson Jones says:

    Just a heads up that it doesn’t seem to be open to Canadians. I tried my VIN and the site told me it was not a WRX. It seems I have lied to a lot of people.
    Good luck to those who try!

  2. Carter Clackson says:

    What if you are a Canadian with an American WRX? 😀

  3. Dawson Jones says:

    If they are allowing Canadian citizens, they would be allowing Canadian cars.

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