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2015 Subaru Legacy Concept Takes a Bow in LA - Subiesport TV

2015 Subaru Legacy Concept Takes a Bow in LA

Hot on the heels of the 2015 WRX teaser photo (followed almost immediately by leaked photos of the full car), Subaru has given fans one more reason to head to the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show (Nov. 22 through Dec. 1) with today’s photos of the 2015 Subaru Legacy Concept.

Like the WRX Concept, this is just a design study. However it’s not difficult to see elements that could make their way to the 25th Anniversary production model. Specifically, the headlights. The new WRX shows the production-ready version of this same multi-faceted treatment that first appeared in the WRX Concept – though far more extreme in that case. The high beltline is already going into production with the new WRX, and will likely be in the final car. Wheels? Concept-only 21-inchers.


Probably the largest surprise is the return of the B9 Tribeca grille (the restyled 2008 design, not the original “wing” format) on a concept so many years later. Yes, it looks good here, but it’s surprising to see it reappear none-the-less. And, even though Subaru did this design first (*2008) I can’t help but reminded of Ford’s Fusion grillework… which itself is reminiscent of an even earlier Aston Martin.

Then there are the mechanics. Not like it really matters, since this is a concept and will never be driven in Michigan winters, but the 2015 Legacy Concept is fitted with Subarus symmetrical all-wheel drive system, natch. No other details are known, but you can bet it will carry over the newly-refreshed powertrain options that found their way into the new Forester and Forester XT.

What do you think? Did Subaru hit this one out of the park or do they need to go back to the drawing board?


Legacy_Concept_Studio3 Legacy_Concept_Studio7 Legacy_Concept_Studio8 Legacy_Concept_Studio9


  1. JoeT says:

    Looks good, now if it has a manual gearbox and not flappy paddles, I may get the Legacy again, instead of another STI.

  2. Michael says:

    Subaru certainly looks like they are trying to make both the Impreza and the Legacy lines into more sporty looking cars. I particulary like the effect in profile. While the overall detail of the front and back are not unpleasing, I find the effect fussy. I recognize that creasing sheetmetal adds to its solidity, but perhaps there is another way. Still show cars tend to be ‘ott’ so the production versions should look good.

  3. jdm says:

    Will there be a sti or a wagon version??

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