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Launch Control – David vs. Goliath (S01xE05) - Subiesport TV

Launch Control – David vs. Goliath (S01xE05)

David Higgins and Craig Drew of Subaru Rally Team USA may be back-to-back champions, but at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, Ken Block has been king. A win here at round two for Higgins would rock the boat and shake things up for the rest of the series. But, an overnight storm in Missouri has dumped snow on the high-speed stages, placing the whole outcome into question. Can the teams keep it on the road in the treacherous conditions? Can Higgins and Drew get their first career win at this event?


  1. los says:

    Great video, as cliche as that sounds. I was thoroughly engrossed throughout.

  2. iwn730 says:

    Its funny how people say Evos are more reliable psh Subaru so much less dnfs compared to other cars.

  3. Isaacs says:

    Well done – some great video work!
    Kudos to Higgins & Drew too =)

  4. jon says:

    great videos… my request is for vermont sports car to go through almost every piece of the car build, and tell us what it is and why, so we can all go out and spend waaay to much $ on stuff we don’t need but is really cool!

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