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Next WRX Revealed! - Subiesport TV

Next WRX Revealed!

Subaru BRZ "Concept" a year before the final product.

Original Subaru BRZ “Concept”

Though it’s not officially making its debut until later this week, at the New York International Auto Show, we can finally share with you what the next generation WRX will look like. This is no wilting flower. Granted, this is a concept, but it’s probably closer to final metal than you may believe.

True, it’s unlikely that “show car” details like the streamlined side mirrors, funky headlights and color-tipped exhausts will see their way to production. But there’s nothing too outlandish about the overall proportions here. Remember the BRZ “concept” Subaru showed at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2011? If anything, the final production BRZ that appeared a year later was more aggressive.

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  1. I tex says:

    Looks like the illegitimate child of an evo getting banged by a camaro

    • Pdyting says:

      My same thoughts. Side view reminded me of an Evo X, and then how large the front is reminds me of my friend’s Mustang that is impossible to see out of.

  2. Leon says:

    would be nice to put a toyota supra version of boot spoiler

  3. Rafi says:

    Not liking it at all. The hood scoop is small and where is the spoiler at? Doesn’t look like a subi

    • MIkey says:

      Why would you need a spoiler? Unless you boost it up over 350 horses its just a aesthetic accessory really.

      • JVH says:

        The WRX spoiler reduces drag. The STI wing produces down-force (minimally, it is mostly aesthetic). The drag reduction is valid at cruise speed regardless of power output (and so would be down-force, for that matter).

      • Horsepower has nothing to do with the purpose of a spoiler. A 600hp car driving at 15mph has far less air traveling over the vehicle than a 120hp car going 70mph.

  4. Dominator says:

    I like it. Of course it’s going to have all the same criticisms that all the other models start off with too. But with the aftermarket support of this brand, it’ll be an amazing car like the previous ones have been. I’m curious as to what the specs are on this new model.

  5. Jesse Wells says:

    With some mean Mercedes C class lines in there. Come on Subie, I know you have the ability to design a beautiful car on your own!

  6. SwedishSTile says:

    BMW deck lid, evo diffuser and side skirts, hood scoop present (subaru is conspicuously going to a scoop integrated into the front fascia and dropping the up top scoop), mustang front end, a belt-line too high for visibility in a “rally” car. I will be flabbergasted if this looks anything like the next gen STi

  7. Dan says:

    Looks badass. I hope the production car is anywhere near this aggressive.

  8. Arnaldo Jasson says:


  9. Chris says:

    Beautiful. That’s all I need to say.

  10. Corky says:

    It’s still a 4 door, they still are not listening!!!

  11. Dylan Floyd says:

    This is a fraudulent title. You’ll get a ton of hits for it, but it’s not what you’re saying it is. This is an unofficial version of a yet to be finished design. I’m sure when they actually finish the next wrx it won’t look anything like this.

  12. yeah, looks like a 4 door version of a BRZ, I’m excited….

  13. WrxwagonKid says:

    ouch not diggin’ it at all you three different cars just in the front Mazda hood w/scoop Evo X headlights w/some audi R8 grill

  14. micah says:

    Camaro and EVO definitely. I wonder what the hatch will look like? Maybe it will be a better rally car.

  15. Dan says:

    Subaru stick with this look. definitely a good looking ride. Sedan with the big spoiler as usual please. Would love to order a 2015 model when them come out. I’m patiently waiting as we speak.

  16. mark says:

    UGLY… Mustang/Evo…

  17. mark says:

    How about a 3 door hatch rally car… Change their slogans to what makes a Subaru different… Not a thing…

  18. Mike says:


  19. Mike says:

    Ugg vomit… This is a sad day

  20. Kyle says:

    2.0l 275hp, it’s in the latest car and driver. Pretty sure they have a hatch version as well

  21. Dakota says:

    This is garbage. Mazda6 shaped front end with Audi trimmings, Toyota Camry rear end… much more to name off. A desperate overhaul is needed. This is a proud design… if I wanted to drive a life-size Hot Wheel instead of a CAR ENTHUSIASTS’ WRX.

  22. Van says:

    An american car never will be Subaru ! Never! Could not , how much are you play Harry Potter !

  23. isnt it the original p1 prodrive lol

  24. kevin says:

    i think its going to come out nice. this is just a concept, yes it does look too big and out of proprtion, but we’re still going to have to wait until the actual rel thing gets released for sale. not at an auto show

  25. Wroxi2010 says:

    Ewww it looks horrible….. Why do they have to mess with perfection….

  26. Lobo Albus says:

    Japanese auto makers are trying to design their cars like the Europeans, I love the tail lights though. It’s getting boring and predictable now.

  27. Shawn says:

    The brz needed to be the new wrx in my opinion

  28. but is it rwd or awd?

  29. gal1950 says:

    I really don’t know what people want, you can’t please everyone, car is ok,but will wait till I can see it in person. A 2 door coupe model would be great, or a 3 door hatch. To anyone that says, who wants a 2 door, just look at the 1999-2001 RS coupes that sell like hotcakes even today. There is a market for them !!!! The WRX is AWD , I’m sure. The BRZ was not intended to be AWD, which is completely out of the WRX image. The BRZ is a helo car, nothing more, made for the sports, drifting crowd, which is good for them. With all of the designs out there, it is nearly impossible to not have similar design elements. I’ve owned Subaru’s since 1982, and it seems when ever a new design comes out, people want to complain about it. I say wait and see it in person, before passing judgement. It might grow on people like many other Subaru designs have done.

  30. Raszaron says:

    Love the new design look. It is by far the most aggressive looking WRX and I am already saving for a new one! Hopefully Subaru keeps the format, boxer, turbo, AWD, 4 door and 5 door hatch.

  31. Michael says:

    By and large a fine, appealing and ‘imprezive’ design. I am not a big fan of the Angry Birds look that seems to be all the rage nowadays, and ‘slash’ lights are not really my thing, but the overall effect is successful. It differentiates the WRX and presumably the STI to follow, well from the regular Impreza (a design which I also like) something that Subaru was striving for. What this means for pricing or on another note, racing, will be interesting to see. It has the family grille which is distinctive, and the stylistic elements evoke power and capability. Personally I would prefer a cleaner, somewhat less layered spoiler/tray on the back, but regardless this will turn heads on the street and aerodynamics may have dictated this shape. I can easily see this car made in both 4 door as well as 2 door mode. For production purposes I can imagine that Subaru will raise the greenhouse to improve visibility as well as access, and this can probably be done without spoiling the overall look. In my view Subaru has its ‘mojo’ back.

  32. tim says:

    roofline looks exactly like a scion tc so i’m guessing they will share the platform with toyota just like the brz/frs. I like the look though, low and wide. I hope it’s not any bigger than the previous cars so they can stay competitive in racing.

  33. SABS Architectural Designs says:

    Different. Will give it a go

  34. CrimsonMonk says:

    Based on this, I’m not a fan of the design, I feel it’s too derivative. However, Subaru, if you make a legit wagon version of this (NOT a hatch), I WILL buy it.

  35. gal1950 says:

    Although it says concept, if you take the Impreza concept about a year and a half ago, and the Legacy concept about 3 years ago, a person could come up with the reasoning that this design is at least 90% of what the model will look like. There may be changes to some items on the car, but design wise, I agree with the author of this article. It’s so close, you can say it’s the new design of the WRX. They may take feedback from visitors and do some minor changes, but not to much.

  36. I’m expecting a turbocharged 1.6L FA16 engine in the base WRX. The STI will probably get an FA20 instead. This would allow Subaru to re-enter WRC (1.6L now required).

    I’m REALLY hoping the price isn’t too far off from what the current WRX sells for. And I’m also crossing my fingers for the 5-dr hatch.

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