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Subiesport S01.E02 Crossover Megatest - Subiesport TV

Subiesport S01.E02 Crossover Megatest

For Episode 2 we switch gears with the first ever “Megatest” featuring the Subaru Crosstrek. How does this little crossover fare on the track, in the dirt and on a rally course? Watch as professional rally driver Paul Eklund tries his best to overcome every obstacle. Look for bonus shorts related to this episode coming soon.


  1. Frank says:

    looks like an awesome and versatile vehicle. I would consider buying one.

  2. rexspeedworthy says:

    Should have left the stock wheels and tires on it. Did you lose ground clearance switching wheels? Also, stockers may have let you drift a little more on the fast track.

  3. fred_smithh says:

    Good work on this one… Primitive Rally will have some nice stuff for the Crosstrek for sure…

  4. michael says:

    Professionally executed episode. Very enjoyable and well integrated music, nicely filmed sequences although it bumps up against the limitations of only one cameraman when it comes to outside shots. That said, the in-car cameras complement the exterior shots well. All in all an interesting subject and intriguing if somewhat extreme comparisons. This episode highlights nicely what a capable and attractive car (I love my Bug-eye, but this is one fine design) the Crosstrek is. Hopefully Subaru will see the value in using elements of it in their P.R. work. Good fun seeing some of the ‘characters’ from Subiesport magazine come to life. Sound definitely adds a texture which printed matter cannot capture.

  5. legwagon says:

    Great Episode! I can’t wait for number 3!

  6. djisar says:

    Wow, just no flex at all on the Crosstrek!

  7. iustin says:

    Very nice, thank you! I guess this was the 2.0L, right? I wonder how the turbo-diesel version would have performed…

  8. detslider says:

    Great video. The best I’ve seen so far of the XV’s off road capability.
    Thank you!

  9. shardaerithes says:

    That poor ej25 bugeye. That guy abused it terribly at launch, it’s as if he has no idea how to be smooth and modulate throttle in first gear on a wet road.

  10. shardaerithes says:

    Also his over correction on oversteer was poorly executed.

  11. Curtis Ling says:

    you do know the rally tires are probably smaller right?
    so that means you lowered it from stock

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