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2013 Subaru BRZ Reviewed - Drifting Across Britain

2013 Subaru BRZ Across Britain

In the season finale of Driving Sports TV, producer Ryan Douthit drives the 2013 Subaru BRZ across the UK Рwith a detour through the Harewood Speed Hillclimb for some drifting antics. The Subaru  BRZ is inspired by classic British sports cars with a traditional front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout in a lightweight chassis. How does this new-age, Japanese interpretation, fare in its spiritual home?

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  1. Dana McMahan says:

    I will keep my old 2008 stage 2 STI that will spank that ass day in and day out!

  2. Nobody asked you to let go of your 08 STi. It’s an awesome car.
    But, eventually, you’ll get sick of terminal understeer and you’ll come to appreciate the BRZ/FR-S for what it is; a more neutral and balanced platform unlike anything that Subaru has produced to date.

  3. Taylor Ashby says:

    Gotta get with the rear wheel drive! Let your ass slide!

  4. Giuliana says:

    Where’d they find this driver? He sucks! Drive that damn car! Hello?! Put me behind the wheel ill sell thousands of them!

  5. quasars says:

    Yes but the Brz looks a lot better than the 08 sti and drives a lot better according to car experts around the world.

  6. Luther Jones says:

    Loving my FRS . It is a fun car that zips in and out with great gas mileage ! The body design turns a lot of heads !!

  7. Brandon s says:

    I think it would have been more appropriate to have a 98-01 2.5RS or a 2002 WRX rather than a blob eye STi (which has no significant meaning to Subaru in the USA)

  8. Is this really the best reviewing we have? Go look at Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Harris… think hard about what makes a good review. This is not one. Bad driving coupled with “THIS IS THE BEST THING EVAR OMG I LOVE CARS.” How about some THOUGHTS… what does it feel like to drive? How does it communicate to you? Is the engine lively, despite it’s relatively low power?

    In response to the review, I think one of these would almost perfectly compliment my 99 2.5RS. The only thing I think I would want would be a droppable top, just because that would add to the driver experience and that’s what this car is all about, IMHO. But it would also make it significantly heavier… NOT good for the driving experience. I’m sure I’d love one regardless!

    • ricochet says:

      Colin, we’ve produced hundreds of car reviews for Driving Sports TV – some are more detailed than others. What you’re comparing this review to are scripted shows with significantly more budget than we have (i.e.: more time and more cameras, yes, even Chris Harris). This review was shot ‘on the fly’ without a crew of any sort. There are many facts and figures reviews on the BRZ already, we wanted to offer a slightly different take for this one. The goal for Subiesport (and our reason for the Kickstarter) is to plan for more controlled shoots.

  9. Carrie says:

    When is the BRZ going to be in the US? I’ve heard January or May of 2014…

  10. Inspired by classic British sports cars? Last I checked, the 2000gt and S800 were Japanese…

    Maybe you were making a statement on how classic Japanese cars were seen as interpretations of their European counterparts, and how the 2000gt is said to have taken some cues from the Jaguar E-type?

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