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Launch Control - Eyes on the Prize (S01xE11) - Subiesport TV

Launch Control — Eyes on the Prize (S01xE11)

Sixteen seconds separates David Higgins and Ken Block as the final day of the New England Forest Rally begins. While on the other side of the country, a Viking Warrior heads into battle at X Games Los Angeles.


  1. angel says:

    hello, just a quick question, why do their rallycross cars havw no scoop??? its a subaru thing, does it serve any technical thing.

    ps. i know in street cars it directs air to the intercooler and race cars have front mount intercoolers.

  2. lil devil says:

    well angel you answered your own question. with front mount intercoolers there isnt much need for a scoop in the hood other than to catch several pounds of dirt and debris during a rallycross event, so they just opt for the regular hood of wrx with the vents. but usually they do in fact have the scoops (watch this episode 11 ^) for extra cooling as the boxer engine needs all the cooling it can get.

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